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Dust removal system for ring-shaft kilns in the lime industry Exhaust and collection of textile dust in the cleaning system for cleaning cloths Exhaust of a production line Filter plant for anode furnace and the auxiliary hoods Filter plant for standstill ventilation and cleaning of a boiler using solid fuel Changeover switch to change materials Dust collection plant for gas cutting work station Filter plant for anode furnace Flue gas cleaning downstream of solid fuel boiler Filter plant for anode furnace Stack downstream of filter plant Conveying duct close-off to separate fire areas
Switchgear assembly with programmable controller

Process air cleaning

Switch off the contaminants, switch on to efficiency

For complex applications when cleaning process gases, Venti Oelde offers very practical solutions. They are functional, reliable and have a long life. They are efficient and cost-effective.

For process gas-cleaning systems, dry sorption processes upstream of the filter systems are becoming increasingly important. By using various absorbants/adsorbants we can remove foreign materials from air and can neutralise acid contaminants. A recirculating system makes optimum use of these additives.

On request, we can supply you with systems on a turnkey basis. This means that we will take care of all details from the point of extraction right through to the gas stack, from the silo for additives through to the injection point, including the control technology.


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